Canon introduces Vision Edition-U

Image processing software to enhance application capability of UR robots 2019 

In partnership with Universal Robots (UR), Canon will introduce its new image processing software ‘Vision Edition-U’ to the EMEA market at Motek 2019, which will be held in Germany from 7-10 October. The software has been exclusively developed to integrate with UR’s collaborative robots (cobots), enhancing their application capability and providing flexible automated solutions for production sites.
Vision Edition-U.

Vision Edition-U utilises network cameras to provide a unique vision feature to the UR robots application.

Vision Edition-U image processing software adds unique vision capability to assist collaborative robot tasks such as confirmation of parts assembly, tending CNC machine and inspection of multiple area/devices.Image processing feature covering the whole robotic automation process by monitoring the display of a CNC machine, Vision Edition-U facilitates robots to perform machine tending. This is a simple and fast method of achieving the task without a hard-wired connection. It eliminates the necessity of operator assistance and provides longer, uninterrupted hours of operation..

Extensive image processing capability.

Vision Edition-U provides various image processing features such as 1D/2D code and character reading, pattern matching and shape detection to expand collaborative robot application.


  1. Read analogue meters
  2. Detect colour of object
  3. NCC and shape pattern matching to detect, count and locate workpiece
  4. Detect and measure the object length, angle, area etc
  5. Up to 4 network camera connections per program
  6. Set and call Vision Edition-U image processing task from UR controller PolyScope application
  7. UR+ certified
  8. *UR, UR+ is a trademark of Universal Robots A/S

Specifications in detail SOFTWARE FUNCTIONS

Specifications in detail SOFTWARE FUNCTIONS

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