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FileTrail Document Management solution offers a file sharing services and eliminates inconsistent information by allowing organizations to implement security controls and policy integration.

The most configurable software for physical records management. Mitigate risks of compliance and manage the complete records lifecycle.

Automating the destruction of physical records.


In recent years, a growing number of law firms have been moving to “paperless” or paper-light systems, with electronic records regarded as the “official” record of the organization. Certainly, law firms have come a long way in reducing their usage of paper and helping to save trees — striking a positive note this Arbor Day.

But for many firms, the elephant in the room is the large volume of physical records that have accumulated over decades — extremely costly to store and difficult to manage.

Destroying (and recycling) paper files you no longer need seems like an obvious solution. But where do you even start, when there are hundreds or even thousands of boxes residing in off-site storage with contents that could require several hundred man-hours to pull, review and shred securely?


The good news is that modern technology can help tackle this legacy paper problem much faster and more efficiently than you may have imagined.

Join us in moving beyond paper to take a more comprehensive, modern approach to records retention and disposition — and reduce costs and risks for the firm.


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