Spacefinder Millennium

File Storage Systems

Versatile Storage Solutions


Spacefinder cabinets are designed to meet letter, legal and large document size filing requirements.

All cabinets have completely finished sides that are ideal to use as partitions, back-to-back islands, or traditional wall-standing units. More files can be stored in less space because all Spacefinder cabinets are tailored to the exact size of your files. Items filed in Spacefinder cabinets include folders, bound printout books, three-ring binders, CD’s, microfilm cartridges, 35mm film, cheques, voucher cards and more.

All cabinets are finished in a durable powder coat to maintain years of trouble free satisfaction. Secure Cabinet Storage Compartments may be fitted with individual door locks or ordered with a key-activated gang-lock that secures all compartments at once.  Spacefinder Cabinets GoMobile Get more storage in less space by adapting Spacefinder cabinets to be used as a SIDE-TRAC unit. Cabinets are condensed in compact groups to eliminate unnecessary aisles. The front row glides from side-to-side on wheels, permitting access to the back row. The track is easily leveled on existing floor surfaces and may be extended or relocated very simply. TAB’s anti-tip mechanisms fully stabilize both stationary and mobile storage units.


Provide total visibility at a glance – save valuable search time because everything is exactly where you need it

Create versatile storage solutions while improving the work environment – select heights from two-, three-,four-, five-, six- and seven-compartment designs for all storage and retrieval needs

Cabinets can be arranged in compact rows for efficient, easy-to-reach filing while saving valuable floor space.

Built stronger, without the compromises of the one-size-fits-all cabinets – TAB’s welded construction allows fully-loaded cabinets to be moved without damage.