Twinfile – Two Cabinets In One

File Storage Systems

And that’s exactly what you get with Twinfile – two back to back filing units that revolve inside one cabinet


You spin me right round

These high density storage cabinets are infinitely more efficient than conventional storage because they deliver twice as much filing in much less space and time.

For example, one eight-level Twinfile holds over 12 linear metres of filing and just four eight-level Twinfiles will comfortably hold the contents of 22 four-drawer filing cabinets – saving you 8 square metres of floor space.

And at the same time, access to your filing will speed up by 50%

The system works by having a rotating inner unit, allowing access to both sides of the cabinet.

Access to Twinfile is from the front and back, allowing it to be shared between two work stations or, if set into a wall, between two offices!

Twinfile will not only hold lateral shelf filing but also box files, suspension filing , lever arch files – literally all known methods of filing – CD’s, Data Tape, Cartridges, Microfilm and much more.

In fact, whatever your storage needs, Twinfile can accommodate them and, when those needs change, change with them.

Twinfile security is quick and easy; just turn the unit and lock it up! Many different locking combinations are available for extra peace of mind. Special security drawers that keep files safe whilst allowing access to the main system provide extra confidentiality.

Twinfiles are available in a choice of 15 colours. All paints are powder coated and oven baked to ensure the unit keeps its looks for years. Customised fabric covering is available to match or complement your office decor.