Unit Spacefinder

File Storage Systems

The Unit Spacefinder (USF) open storage system has been designed to provide high density filing for the busy, modern office. The open appearance of Unit Spacefinder makes visibility of and access to stored media very fast and available to many users at a time.


The systems framework of interlocking posts and rails may be planned to fit within inches of any room size, in a single or double-sided format. It is available in any number of heights, seven being the norm, all within easy reach.


Unit Spacefinder is at least….

  • 70% more efficient than regular drawer filing
  • 48% more efficient than suspension filing
  • 20% more efficient than ordinary shelf filing


Office re-organisations made easy

Unit Spacefinder is a bolt free construction, which makes installation and dismantling very fast – ideal for office re-organisations. It is finished with top, side and base panels in your colour choice. The system is

modular and can be extended at any time.

Unit Boxes suspended from the central framework support the files in subsections. These boxes slide along the rails allowing for fast system reorganisation and easily remove from the system completely so that records can be taken back to workstations without fuss or bother. For maximum space efficiency Unit Spacefinder can be mobilised at any point, thus eliminating aisle space in a multi-bay configuration.

Unit Spacefinder systems are installed by our Installation Engineers. Our range of associated services include existing system conversion, audits and design. Unit Spacefinder is available from stock in two colours. Nonstandard configuration and colours are available to order. Pricing is supplied in quotation format after an existing system and site survey.