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The human eye can distinguish over 11,000 colour variations. Throughout the day, colour plays an important part helping us identify, classify and recognize the state of objects around us.

In addition to using nature’s colour coding, we create our own, such as maps, supermarket aisles, traffic lights, electric wiring … and in filing systems, colour is an ideal application!

When we colour-code the digits of a number or the letters of a name in a filing system, we observe:

  • Groups of colours are faster to read than groups of ordinary letters and numbers.
  • Files in sequence create blocks of colour, making them easier to scan… like roads leading to a destination.
  • Because your eye is immediately led to a concentrated search area, up to 40% of the search time required by conventional filing is eliminated!
  • Misfiles immediately flag themselves for a correction by breaking the colour blocks. This virtually eliminates the classic problem of costly, out-of-place information and misfile.

We offer a wide range of cabinets and folders for different environments, file tracking by barcode or RFID software and an in-house Bureau label printing service.