Introducing Therefore™ 2019

Introducing Therefore 2019 This new release introduces a number of key features that significantly enhance document management capabilities of, Therefore.   In addition to an already formidable set of document management features, Therefore™ 2019 will allow you to use the information contained in and extracted from your stored documents in new ways to enhance your efficiency and productivity. These new features will open up new possibilities to leverage your existing and future assets. If you’re new to document management, we can show you how it’s done. Micro Business Systems is the only solutions provider with an established track record of designing and supporting document management solutions in Gibraltar.
  • OCR and Barcode for the Content Connector The Content Connector can now perform OCR Processing and Barcode recognition on documents imported from watched folders and mailboxes.
  • Field Calculations Mathematical operations including addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, and exponentiation can now be performed on integer and decimal fields in the index data. Conditional operations may be used to alert users when fields do not add up as predicted. This provides additional feedback and validation during data entry.
  • Automatic Document Creation Automatically create new PDFs and Office documents from information in the index data. Templates may be used as a part of the workflow to generate new documents such as receipt acknowledgment. certificates request for action, etc.
  • Dynamic E-Forms It’s now possible to create dynamic e-forms that change according to user input. Dynamic e-forms help minimise confusion by showing only the questions that are relevant to the user. The forms can be integrated into customer websites.
  • More Authentication Methods It’s now possible to create a single integrated sign-on experience via third-party providers by integrating open standards based on JWT token, OAuth 2.0, and OpenID Connect. OAuth .
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